Spaghetti Western Typography comes alive.

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Spaghetti Western Typography comes alive

Our Pardner font finds its inspiration from the title screens of the 1965 film “West and Soda”, an animated Italian film that was a parody on American Westerns. Director Bruno Bozetto claimed in an interview that he was in fact the originator of the Spaghetti Western, not Sergio Leone.

This offbeat and animated serif typeface has characters of varying width and weighting incorporated into opentype scripting as well as numerous alternates to give a lot of fun and frolicking play in typesetting. You can type with just as much diversity as the titling themselves.

Pardner comes with some features for customisation options:

  • 6 Stylistic Alternate Sets.
  • A collection of ligatures as well as programming to automatically alternates between Caps and Lowercase.
  • Full set of Inferiors and Superiors for limitless fractions.
  • 731 characters of pure joy.