Mouse Memoirs Pro


A tribute nod to the Disney aesthetic with an all-around fun personality and truly animated look.

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Mouse Memoirs Pro
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Light-hearted, Lean & Animated Comic.

Mouse Memoirs Pro was inspired by vintage Mickey Mouse, Beagle Boys, and Uncle Scrooge comic books put out by Walt Disney in the 50’s and 60’s. The chipper letterforms to engage the audience, while the SmallCaps and extensive figure sets expand the scope of use.

Mouse Memoirs Pro is loaded with features to give you plenty of customisation options:

  • SmallCaps.
  • Full set of Inferiors and Superiors for limitless fractions.
  • Tabular, Proportional, and Oldstyle figure sets (along with SmallCaps versions of the figures).
  • Stylistic Alternates for Caps to SmallCaps conversion.