Bigelow Rules Pro


A Display Serif that breaks ALL the Rules.

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Bigelow Rules Pro
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Bigelow Rules Pro is a serif display face that mixes everything up. It shuffles between lowercase and smallcap letterforms, it lifts the baseline to center beside the Capitals, some letters have a slight swash flair while others maintain a neutral stance, and yet it has a smallcaps feature that drops the smallcaps down to the baseline. Its just an all out fun fest waiting to be played with.

Bigelow Rules Pro is loaded with features to give you plenty of customisation options:

  • A mix of small caps & lowercase forms for lowercase standard (vertically centered)
  • A SmallCaps feature for baseline aligned all SmallCaps letterforms.
  • A Full set of Inferiors and Superiors for Limitless Fractions
  • Tabular, Proportional, and Oldstyle figure sets
  • Stylistic Alternates feature for Caps to SmallCaps

Approx. 653 Character Glyph Set: Bigelow Rules Pro comes with a glyphset that includes standard & punctuation, international language support, basic ligatures, alternate numeral styles, subscript and superscript, and Small Cap letters.