Carioca Script Pro

Stereo Action. All I can say is…DAMN! Not only was the range of music produced under this collection simply fantastic, the Stereo Action logotype lettering wasn’t too shabby either.

I’ve collected a few of the LPs including “Dynamica” by Ray Martin and his Orchestra, as well as “It’s Magic” by Marty Gold and his Orchestra, and I only wish I had more (but that’s for eBay and another story).

The Stereo Action logotype looks like a traditional classic copperplate style script with a light-hearted bounce to it, and a little more flair in the character styling. Fleshing the Stereo Action logo out to a full character set for Carioca Script Pro and then adding a flourish set to compliment it wasn’t just fun, it was an adventure – but listening to the LPs helped make it flow right along.