Quandor Family


A powerful and dynamic sans serif revived from LetterGraphics film type.

Quandor Family
0123456789 æøßÆØ &!?$¢£€ (.,:;)

A Powerful Sans that makes a Stand

The Quandor Family began as a digitization of a film typeface from LetterGraphics known simply as “Impacta”. The original specimen included standard Capitals and Lowercase, as well as a Biform character set.

We’ve fleshed out the original style and added an Oblique to the family, but we just couldn’t leave it alone at that, and beefed it up to include an Ultra Black and Ultra Black Oblique style as well, because uber heavyweight font styles are the bees knees. Chocked full of features, including Biform alternates, SmallCaps, and SmallCaps Biform alternates, this family is built to perform.

The Quandor Family comes with numerous features for customisation options:

  • Full set of Inferiors and Superiors for limitless fractions.
  • SmallCaps feature.
  • A SmallCaps feature just to mix things up a little.
  • Tabular and Proportional figure sets
  • A small collection of Standard Ligatures.
  • Stylistic Alternates for Biform alternates and SmallCaps Biform alternates.

Approx. 818 Character Glyph Set: Each style of Quandor comes with a glyphset that includes standard & punctuation, international language support, and additional features.

Families & Individuals

Quandor Family, Quandor-Regular, Quandor-Oblique, Quandor Ultra-Regular, Quandor Ultra-Oblique