Dear Sans Collection


A casual handwritten style in four widths: Condensed, Regular, Expanded, and Wide; each with 3 weights: Book, Regular & Bold.

The Dear Sans Collection is comprised of four widths ranging from Condensed, Regular, Expanded, and Wide…each of which are comprised of a three font family of weights: Book, Regular & Bold. Cleanly readable, with just a slight hint of silliness, the Dear Sans Collection brings adds the perfect level of lightheartedness to your designs.

The Dear Sans Collection comes with some features for customisation options:

  • Approx. 367 Character Glyph Set per font – including standard & punctuation, international language support, and basic “fi fl” ligatures per font.
  • 3 Weights per family including: Book, Regular, and Bold.
  • Loads of Personality for your designs.