Initiate Display Family


A Stylish Technology Sans Serif

Initiate Display Family
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A Stylish Technology Sans Serif

Our Initiate Display family began as a digitization of a film typeface from LetterGraphics in the early 70’s known as “Kent”. The original specimen was only in a Black weight with a tall x-height and included standard Capitals, Lowercase, Numerals and minimal Punctuation. It was a techno style sans-serif, ripe with potential.

As a single weight typeface, it yearned for so much more: from family weight development to stylistic variants. Extras we developed for this family are Unicase variants, High & Low hairline position glyphs, as well as other alternate styled characters.

The Initiate Display family has 685 characters per font, with 10 weights.

Opentype features for Initiate Display Family include:

Unicase Stylistic Alternate Set
Stylistic Set 02 – Limited Alternate Characters (A,K,X,Y,k,u,x,y and variants)
Stylistic Set 03 – Lower Hairline Characters (B,C,E,F,G,H,P,R,Æ,a,c,e,r,s and variants)
Stylistic Set 04 – M & N alternates
Stylistic Set 05 – I alternates
Limitless Fractions
Superscript & Subscript

Families & Individuals

Initiate Display Family, Initiate Display-Light, Initiate Display-Light Oblique, Initiate Display-Regular, Initiate Display-Oblique, Initiate Display-Medium, Initiate Display-Medium Oblique, Initiate Display-Bold, Initiate Display-Bold Oblique, Initiate Display-Black, Initiate Display-Black Oblique