Special Elite Pro

Sometimes a true classic just cannot be ignored. That was the case with this specimen found in a vintage Smith Corona Typewriter Styles booklet which became the inspiration/reference source for our Special Elite Pro. The specimen was typed out by the Special Elite Type No NR6 typewriter, which was a typewriter which offered tracking in both 10 and 12 letter spacing per inch.

Do we offer the wider tracked style in Special Elite Pro…? No. But if you love Special Elite Pro, its because of that true to form ephemeral feel of it – a rough edged and gritty inked typewriter style for the digital era. Personally, I love it for the ephemeral quality, but I love it for the grunge side of things as well – just that textural nature of it. If you want a wider tracking, most programs offer options to open up the tracking to whatever you’d like, so have at it.