Luckiest Guy Pro

Vintage advertisements and ephemera have always been a great resource of typographic inspiration, and Luckiest Guy Pro is no exception.

Typographic inspiration is all around us, but nowadays, most of the typographic visuals out there are created using existing digital typestyles. Custom lettering is still alive and well, but it has nowhere near the widespread coverage it had from the 1960’s and earlier, especially considering the current boom in hand-lettering style fonts. The internet has enabled finding retro hand-lettered advertising gems easy, making them ripe for recreating and revival.

If you haven’t guessed from the reference image above, a Lucky Strike cigarettes ad was the inspiration source for Luckiest Guy Pro. Lucky Strike had a plethora of fantastic hand lettered advertisements back in the day, which have served as a starting point for a number of our designs. Eventually, we’ll have to come back around and make that lighter lettering style as well.