Magnate Family


A dynamic flare serif revival with both sharp and soft serifs.

Magnate Family
0123456789 æøßÆØ &!?$¢£€ (.,:;)

A Heavy Flair Serif with Teeth

The Magnate Family began as a digitization of a film typeface from LetterGraphics known as “Wilshire”.

What began as a basic glyphset was fleshed out with a full character set with a smallcaps feature. We also decided to add a slightly more delicate side to Magnate, softening up the sharp flair serifs just a little.

The Magnate Family comes with some features for customisation options:

  • Smallcaps
  • Full set of Inferiors and Superiors for limitless fractions.
  • Tabular and Proportional figure sets.
  • A small collection of Standard Ligatures.
  • A Stylistic Alternates feature for an alternate lowercase t style.

Approx. 687 Character Glyph Set: Each style of Magnate comes with a glyphset that includes standard & punctuation, international language support, and additional features.

Families & Individuals

Magnate Family, Magnate-Regular, Magnate-Soft