Initiate Monoline Ultra Thin


A Stylish Technology Sans Serif in Ultra Thin Monoline Form

Initiate Monoline Ultra Thin
0123456789 æøßÆØ &!?$¢£€ (.,:;)

A Stylish Technology Sans Serif in Ultra Thin Monoline Form

Our Initiate Monoline Ultra Thin began as a digitization of a film typeface from LetterGraphics in the early 70’s known as “Kent”. The original specimen was only in a Black weight with a tall x-height and included standard Capitals, Lowercase, Numerals and minimal Punctuation. It was a techno style sans-serif, ripe with potential.

As a single weight typeface, it yearned for so much more: from family weight development to stylistic variants. This Monoline Ultra Thin variant is a diversion from the two main Initiate Families. Extras we developed for this family are Unicase variants, High & Low hairline position glyphs, as well as other alternate styled characters.

Initiate Monoline Ultra Thin has 685 characters per font, with 10 weights.

Opentype features for Initiate Monoline Ultra Thin include:

Unicase Stylistic Alternate Set
Stylistic Set 02 – Limited Alternate Characters (A,K,X,Y,k,u,x,y and variants)
Stylistic Set 03 – Lower Hairline Characters (B,C,E,F,G,H,P,R,Æ,a,c,e,r,s and variants)
Stylistic Set 04 – M & N alternates
Stylistic Set 05 – I alternates
Limitless Fractions
Superscript & Subscript