Berkshire Pro Family


From Swashes to Standards to Loopy.

Berkshire Pro Family
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From Swashes to Standards to Loopy

The Berkshire Pro family began with Berkshire Swash Pro, an alluring semi-sweet typestyle with a bold yet feminine flair to it. But from the beginning, this was always meant to be a trio family. Finally this family is complete with Regular, Loops, and Swash Pro styles.

These delightfully friendly letterforms in each variant lend themselves to many uses, and as a family open up even more possibilities for combining amongst themselves and with other fonts for designs. From romantic intents to chocolate factories.

The Berkshire Pro Family comes with a variety of opentype features including:

  • Full set of Inferiors and Superiors for limitless fractions.
  • A collection of Ligatures.
  • Smallcaps.
  • Tabular, Proportional figures for Berkshire Pro, and Oldstyle figure sets for Loops & Swash Pro.

Approx. 551 Characters in the Berkshire Pro-Regular glyphset, approx. 601 Characters in the Berkshire Pro-loops glyphset, and lastly approx. 654 Characters in the Berkshire Pro-Swash glyphset.

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