Freckle Face Pro

I’ve always loved the Pillsbury “Funny Face” drink mixes when I was a kid, not only because of the great flavors, but also the fun packaging, not to mention the ridiculous LP they later released. Back then, I’d have never of guessed that I’d be finding myself loving and recreating the lettering from the packaging, but that’s exactly what happened with our Freckle Face Pro font and how it came to be.

While creating some typefaces 100% digitally is well within our repertoire, I tend to hand sketch most of the typefaces I personally develop as it allows for more ease of play and experimentation. I worry about how to digitize it after the fact. Freckle Face Pro was created with a very loose pencil sketch of the letterforms, followed up by a big sharpie marker inking in the chunky details. Lots of fun, and a little bit of a high from all the marker aroma!